The Transition From Startup

Transitioning from a Startup3 Elements To Transition From Startup To Company

Startups and more mature companies do not function in the same way in many different aspects. If you’re a startup looking to take things to the next level, it’s important to acknowledge where you stand, where your strengths lie, and what it’s going to take to begin to ramp things up without losing that startup spark. So how do you bridge the gap in a smart, scalable manner?

Establish Your Business Plan Essentials

Before you can think about ramping up operations and scaling; your business plan over the course of the next 5 years should be laid out, including plans to scale. With a more solidified understanding of where your profits are headed, how you plan to evolve your product, and what the competitive landscape looks like — you will be more apt to make better decisions as you transition into a larger company.

Clearly Define Your Mission and Identity

If your product is able to meet the needs of your ideal customer and does it better than most alternative options, you have a big leg up already. If you’re still in startup mode, you’re likely still experimenting with this fit by refining your buyers, developing your true value proposition, finalizing your product or service offering, and establishing a baseline for your key business metrics. A company in scaleup mode has mastered all of this to the point of being able to confidently execute everything on a larger scale without sacrificing their current niche for the sake of growth. The more clearly your mission and identity relate to satisfying the needs of customers, the more easily it will be to transition.

Build a Reliable Team

For a business to be able to function at very high levels, leaders need to be able to rely on their teams to get things done in the best interest of the company. Transitioning from startup to full-fledged company means that leaders need to feel confident and safe in the fact that they won’t be able to make every single decision forever. When you start planning the switch to specific roles, think about additional levels of management and an overall organizational hierarchy. This initiative can feel intimidating at first and may create some worry about distilling the company down, but do not worry too much. A proper scaleup needs some sort of management structure so growth isn’t hindered by a leadership team that needs to review every single decision before progress is made.

The challenges that you face in the next phase of growing your company is a tough and rigorous journey. It requires letting go of some control while maintaining the mission and identity that got you off the ground in the first place. In order to smoothly transition from startup to company, keep these 3 steps in mind and be ready to evolve in your role as a business leader.

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