Crafting a Powerful Narrative By Finding Your Vision, Voice, and Brand

Storytelling is powerful, which is why more and more companies are beginning to realize the power of a great storyline backing up their image. Big-name corporations such as Intel, Ford, Apple and even Coca-Cola are known for larger-than-life stories that have achieved legendary status and stick in the minds of consumers every time they interact with one of their products. 

We know a great narrative is essential for long-term business success, but what makes a great story? How do you craft a story that enables longevity? Perhaps most importantly, how do you craft a story that creates trust and a lasting sense of authenticity in your target audience? 

The Power of a Great Story 

Stories are simply a fact of human nature. Research tells us that great storytelling intrigues the mind and stimulates the most potent areas of our creativity, and creates a sense of camaraderie and acceptance. 

One of the best brand storytellers is Rob Dyrdek, who now works as a venture capitalist. On the topic of storytelling, he had this to say: 

“If you tell a great story with the right branded integration, you never question whether the brand is involved because the brand is essential to getting the story done. Viewers don’t think a brand was just stuck in there. They realize that without that brand this story wouldn’t be possible.” – Rob Dyrdek, Interview with The Content Strategist. 

This quote captures the essence of what makes a great story – authenticity. A great brand story doesn’t need to force a storyline or a specific type of voice. A great story within a brand fits easily and most often tells the story itself, because without the brand there just simply isn’t a story. 

Crafting a great story that is natural, full of life, and guides customers into your funnel is no easy task, but there are a few steps you can take to get on the right path.

Drive Your Stories With Great Personalities 

While your story shouldn’t be dependent on any single star-studded figure, it should be inspired by relevant personalities who stand and advocate for the pillars of your brand. People trust other people. The core reason why your story should be perso and there just simply isn’t a story. nality-driven is so that it will provide someone real for customers to believe in and relate to. It is one of the main ways you can garner an air of authenticity and leadership. 

Get To The Point

Another critical aspect of a great story is that it knows what it wants to say, and just says it. If your brand understands its voice and the message it wants to send, find punchy and focused storylines to tailor around that story and don’t beat around the bush – get to the point! Take this easy-to-follow structure for example: Explain the problem, describe how you solve it, and then create excitement about the prospect of success in this journey. Simple. 

Connect With Your Customers

The reason you are telling these stories is to connect with people, right? 

A story isn’t really about your company. The goal of the story is to establish a long-term connection with your customers. Few things in the world can tell a customer that you relate to them, you understand them, and you are like them. Identify the type of people that will trust in your story and it will be easier to craft narratives for them. 

Your stories are a powerful way to connect with your audience but being careful about how you tell it and who it appeals to is very important. The great thing about a story is that it never dies. Real stories keep on getting told and keep on connecting with new people. Your story will build the foundation of trust with your target customers, but only a customer’s personal experience with that story will cement that trust into something that lasts and allows your company to continue to grow for a long time to come. 

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