Creating a Compassionate Culture

One solidified fact is that you simply can’t build a successful, scalable company on the backs of employees who hate their jobs. Having a solid, hard-working core of cooperative, contributing, and compassionate workers is key for maintaining employee efficiency, ensuring that your customers are taken care of, and that the product is seen in a positive light in the community. 

So how do you ensure that your employees are happy, motivated, and are all on the same page?

Create a Healthy Culture of Compassion

The question you should ask yourself is how do you set up a company culture in which compassionate principles that will trickle down the chain. All of your teams should be focused on collaboration and creativity over deadlines, and meeting objectives over stress. Studies show that your employees will overall be happier and more motivated for it.  

One of the best ways to achieve this is to set the right drumbeat for your company, lead by example. If you do this right, your employees will mirror this behavior. 

Recently LinkedIn’s Jeff Wiener explains this point thoroughly on Reid Campbell’s podcast “Masters of Scale”. In the episode, they discuss how as a leader it is vital to lead by example and play to the beat you want your employees to match. It is critical to set the cadence, swing, and overall feel of how you want people to perform work, treat each other, and grow while they are active members of your organization. It is up to the leadership to set this beat, and as Jeff recommends, lead with ideals based on compassion.  

To effectively be a leader that instills a culture of compassion among your peers, it is crucial to show your employees that they matter by developing tangible relationships with them. 

Develop a Real Relationship with Your Employees

Leaders should always try to play an active role in the success and well being of their employees and avoid treating them as just another number. Have a stake in their future and play an active role in providing not just financial success, but fulfillment. 

Research suggests that providing employees with career guidance and personalized attention improves output and turnover rates. This is yet another example of how treating your team with respect and dignity can help you create a motivated and cooperative workforce that is ready to go to war with you. 

This compassionate approach is especially important if you want to capture the drive and motivation of your younger employees. Retaining sharp, young talent is a benefit that is undeniable for companies. 

Younger employees have demonstrated that they value having a breadth of experience and skills over the traditional, linear, career paths preferred by their older co-workers. While three-quarters of employees aged between 16 and 34 would like to stay at their current organizations, two-thirds claimed to be unaware of the career opportunities available within the companies they already work for.

Tim Drake, U.K. Talent Management Director at Hudson explains how young employees value ambition: “While younger employees are very loyal to their employers, they’re looking to upskill and broaden their experience as a means of navigating the new world of work. Businesses need to adopt a more fluid approach to career progression, giving younger employees – for whom the “job for life” is an alien concept – a chance to develop career plans better suited to their needs and ambitions.” 

This is how you can create compassion within your workforce – demonstrate to workers young and old that you want them to not only be successful but fulfilled in their daily work. People all share the same desires when it comes to what they want at work — a career, a community, and a cause.

Aligning culture with strategy enables talent optimization and will help any business be able to shape a team that not only feels like family, but is perfectly suited for the job you trust them to do. With compassion, employees will match your energy and provide more honest, focused work towards the mission of the company they believe in. 

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