What We Do...

How We Work...

Discover.  Mentor.  Define.  Develop.  Market.
Invest.  Create.  Execute.  Accelerate.

Simply working together – all of our resources can lead to greater success.

Developing ideas, creating opportunities, accelerating business: it’s our focus and mission.

We inspire entrepreneurs, empower founders, assist startups and new businesses that are determined to build relevant companies with lasting significance.

Active partners: doing what it takes to scale up, foster development and create business.

We are in the company-building business, not the “deal” or “capital” business. We have a history of leveraging relationships to build teams, attract partners and customers and then together build multi-million dollar businesses. We are active partners who do everything we can for our companies. We have not forgotten how to hustleand we get our hands dirty.

Creative thinking, ideation, strategic advice: for companies ready to make their mark.

Plain and simple, we’ll work with you. We’ll discover, develop and help define or refine your business or go-to-market plans. We strive to collaborate; work openly, efficiently and in a timely manner to put your ideas, innovation and investment in the best position. When good just isn’t enough, we can help you identify what you have, need and want to be great! We think outside the box, we change the rules, we see opportunities, we identify and achieve goals; together. We have years of experience, so we’ve seen successes and failures in all points of business, pivotal moments, loss of business, market shifts and economic changes. We’ve seen mistakes, addressed issues and chartered new courses. We have the resources, people and services throughout our portfolio to keep you on the right track toward success.

Let’s take something good and make into something great!

A direct exchange, a collaborative effort: it’s what it takes to get there.

We start out in discovery, we listen intently, and we’ll work together to plan out the future. But we will be open and forthright with our opinions and ideation; preferring honesty over hypersensitivity. We can achieve so much more when we set our sights together, making the right decisions and understanding what matters most. We work with you on many details and some of the most challenging decisions and help manage the change and foster unity; helping you to initiate change, build a better business and greater opportunities.

Why we’ll work together…

Do you know what you’re looking for? We do!

Maybe you’ve sought us out, been referred to us or simply found us by chance, we’re glad you’ve made it here. Whether you’re a sole proprietor, genuine entrepreneur, innovative leader, managing founder or corporate development director we want to hear from you. We look to work with and focus our efforts with top talent, A-teams and founders of emerging innovation or traditional ventures, from early to later stages, in all areas of technology. And, you’re ready to move forward. Bring your ideas, understanding and all that you know and recognize what you don’t. Be open to new concepts and directives, building up your teams and utilizing our resources to fill in those knowledge gaps. We invest in applying aligned resources and the right people than in a specific plan, because plans often change.

What is your challenge? Why have you sought us out?